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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to play?

The minimum age to play both traditional and low-impact paintball is 10 years old. An adult must be on site for any participant under the age of 14.

Do I need a waiver?

Yes, you will receive a waiver within your confirmation e-mail. For a smooth and speedy check-in, please be sure that all members of your party have completed their waivers prior to arrival. Spectators must also complete a waiver.

How long are the paintball sessions?

Paintball sessions may last for as long as two hours. Multiple games will be played during that two-hour session and average about 10 minutes. Each game will be followed by a short break to prepare for the next.

May I bring my own paintballs?

No, we are a field-paint only facility.

May I bring my own equipment?

Yes, if you have your own paintball marker it must be chronographed and shooting at a maximum of 280 FPS (feet per second). Our referees may chronograph your marker during play as well. If your marker’s speed has a habit of “walking” up over 280 FPS after being checked, it would be best to leave it home. If your marker is found to be shooting over 280 FPS during a game, it will not be allowed to be used during play for the rest of the session. You may not bring a regular marker for a low-impact session, or vice-versa.

What should I wear?

Old comfortable clothing (earth tones if possible, to help blend in) should be worn during your session. Long sleeves and pants are recommended, and participants should bring a change of clothes for after they have finished. Closed toe shoes are required. Chest protectors may be rented. Disposable camo coveralls, fingerless gloves and Hoo-rags are available for purchase.

What happens if it rains?

Paintball is an outdoor event. We play rain or shine unless the weather is severe (high winds, lightning, heavy rains).

How many paintballs will I use?

That is up to you! 100 paintballs are included in your package and more may be purchased at any time in increments of 500.

May I watch my family and friends play?

Yes. However, there is a chance you may be hit during a game. You will be required to wear a paintball mask and complete a waiver.

Will I or my group be playing with others?

Yes. The exception to that is if no one else reserves for the same date and time you have chosen or if you have maxed out the availability for our sessions. 20 participants is our current maximum per session. For private groups, please call 910-655-2555.

Do you offer private parties?

Yes, we certainly do! From birthday parties of 10 players to corporate outings of 20+ players, we can handle a variety of requests, and have frequently worked with schools, civic groups, medical offices, government agencies and more. Our packages include EVERYTHING: rental mask + marker + tank + paintballs + pod packs + referees. There is a 10-person minimum for all private parties.

Does the paint wash out?

Our paint is biodegradable and washable but may take a few washes before being completely removed. It is recommended to soak your clothing before washing.

Does paintball hurt?

Short answer: it depends. Everyone’s pain threshold is different, but many will compare it to being snapped by a rubber band. If you are concerned about if it will hurt, you may layer up with loose comfortable clothing. Chest protectors, disposable camo coveralls, fingerless gloves and Hoo-rags are available at Cape Fearless Extreme for extra protection. We also offer low-impact paintball which takes out some of the “sting.” This is a great option for younger audiences or family outings.

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