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Cape Fearless Extreme aims to deliver fun and excitement to all of our guests, no matter what type of adventure they are seeking. All of our courses require “hands-on” interaction. The level of preparation is minimal, but extremely important as safety always comes first at Cape Fearless Extreme.

Cape Fearless Extreme

Our Facility offers a variety of aerial adventure activities divided into four color-coded courses for adults, and one course for kids.

Once you have reviewed and met Cape Fearless Extreme’s guidelines and you have completed your waiver form and paid for your access to our Adventure Park, you’ll be scheduled into a brief group training session.

During this demo training, you’ll be fitted into your harness and your guide will show you how to attach yourself to safety lines and ziplines. This training gives you the knowledge and guidelines to self-manage the equipment designed for your own personal safety as you travel from tree to tree. You must demonstrate the ability to use the equipment properly before you can continue from the demonstration area. Once your guide deems that you can safely use your equipment, you’ll be able to continue onto a course.

Cape Fearless Extreme's Guides observe and guide you in the proper use of equipment from patrol points on the courses. They can also let you know where the course exit points are located at any time, if you want to get your feet back on the ground.


Be Prepared!

  • Long hair MUST be tied back so as not to be caught in a pulley. Ask a staff person for a hair band if you require one.
  • Open-toed shoes are NOT allowed. Sturdy closed-toed sport sandals/shoes/boots are required and to be worn securely.
  • Strongly recommend no jewelry (especially necklaces or loose bracelets which could get caught in equipment).
  • Clothing should be appropriate for the weather and must be worn tight to the body to avoid catching on apparatus.
  • Trees make sap. Sap stains clothes. Dress appropriately. Cape Fearless Extreme is not responsible for damaged clothing.
  • Note: Guests not wearing the appropriate clothing may be refused access to activities to ensure that safety guidelines are met.

For Your Safety and Our Peace of Mind!

  • Courses must be done in rising order of difficulty.
  • You must remain attached to a safety cable at all times!
  • You must observe all rules and safety instructions at all times.
  • You will be trained in the use of Cape Fearless’ equipment and must demonstrate the ability to use the equipment before progressing beyond the training area.
  • Our Guides are empowered to immediately, without warning, exclude a participant from the course, without a refund, for safety infractions.
  • Notify a Guide immediately if you observe any unnecessary risk to anyone on the course.
Cape Fearless Extreme

Guidelines & Requirements

Please read the height and age requirements carefully for each course and be aware that in order to access any one course, all the minimum requirements must be met. All participants must have full use of their lower extremities.

Height Requirements
In order for guests to be able to reach the safety lines and manage their way through the course they must meet certain minimum height requirements:

In order to use the Kids Aerial Adventure Course, each child is required to be able to reach the tips of their fingers to a height of 4’7″ (140 cm) while keeping their feet flat on the ground.

In order to participate on our Aerial Adventure Course, guests ages 10+ are required to be able to reach the tips of their fingers to a height of 5’11” while keeping their feet flat on the ground.

Age Requirements
In order to use the Kids Aerial Adventure Course, children must be ages 7-11. Children must always be directly supervised by an adult. The Kids Course is not intended for use by adults. Adults may be injured by falling on the cables that are adjusted for smaller people.

In order to participate on the Aerial Adventure Course, guests must be ages 10+. An adult must be on-site for any participant under the age of 14.

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