Top FIVE Reasons to go on a Treetop Adventure

One of the greatest aspects of a treetop adventure is that it is a different experience for everyone. Regardless of why one chooses to embark on this unique adventure, Cape Fearless Extreme always aims to deliver an unforgettable experience to our guests.

So why would someone want to put on a harness, climb some trees and scramble across swinging logs that are 50 feet in the air?!

Here are our top FIVE reasons to go on a treetop adventure:

Conquer Fears
Heights can be scary! That feeling of your feet leaving the ground and learning to trust your equipment can be difficult. But going out on a limb (see that there?!) and giving it a go can help with conquering this fear and potentially lead to a whole new set of adventures that you would have never even thought of embracing.

Spend Some Time in the Great Outdoors
It’s always good to get some fresh air! And what better way than spending a morning or an afternoon (or evening!) in the trees?

Try Something New
Let’s face it. This isn’t something that you do every day. Well, unless you are a treetop adventure guide 😊 Trying something new can be challenging and often comes with some reservations. It’s easy to continue to do the things that you are familiar with and have experienced. But it’s such a rewarding feeling when you step out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before. The sense of accomplishment is so fulfilling, and paves the way to continue to try new things every chance you get.

It’s true. We all spend way too much time on our phones, in front of the computer, on our tablets, or watching television.  We need to all remember to take some time away from being “connected” at every second of the day, unplug, and rejuvenate! A 3-4 hour adventure in the trees is definitely a way to reenergize and have an experience that will offer that challenge and exhilaration that we all look for when setting out on any adventure. And then afterwards, you can post about it, of course 😊

Quality time with friends, family, colleagues, teammates…whoever!
“What should we do today?” How many times have we all uttered those words? A treetop adventure is a unique way to spend some time with those in your life. A family fun day, an afternoon outing with friends, some time away from the office with your colleagues, some team building before the new season begins; a treetop adventure provides something different than your typical activity. Encourage each other along as you make your way over wobbly bridges, yell and scream when you zooming down the ziplines, and of course laugh and enjoy the time you are spending together.
Come on out to Cape Fearless Extreme and make some memories that will last forever!
Cape Fearless

We’ll see you in the trees! # capefearlessextreme # branchout


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